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In the last few years, it seems that women are talking more openly about surrogacy. Actress Gabrielle Union talked about her fertility struggles that lead to welcoming her daughter, Kaavia James, via gestational surrogate. Kim Kardashian has also been open about her use of a gestational surrogate for her third and fourth children.


However, it’s not just high-profile women who use surrogates to help create their families. We think women who select to use surrogates are amazing to bring life into this world, and deserve to feel that they carried their own babies. We created a session specially catered to non-pregnant mommies, who want to capture the same shots as pregnant women. Whether you have carried your babies, have adopted them, or used a surrogate, you are a mother and deserve to feel like one.

These are examples of shots taken of a person who is not pregnant. Please contact us for more information.

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