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Belly &

Body Cast

A belly cast is a three-dimensional plaster sculpture of a woman's pregnant abdomen as a keepsake of her pregnancy. Typically, women cast the belly or the belly and breasts. Some choose to have their hands/arms included as they hold or encircle the belly. This is entirely up to you. Most women make their casts late in pregnancy (36-39 weeks) to capture their bellies at maximum size, while some make a series of casts to track their growth. When you do your cast is up to you! The cast can be decorated with any number of finishes or left in its natural state. Most popular decorations include metallic paints and decoupage or 3D material like butterflies, mirror mosaicked, gold or silver foil application, beads or pearls to name a few. These sculptures can be in your home as a free standing sculpture or grace the walls of your home.

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